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Is it just me?

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

I really tried to get into this book. I did! Honest! I've fallen in love with Miranda's quirky style over the years of watching Not Going Out, Call the Midwife and her self titled show, Miranda. She makes me feel like it's normal to have those awkward moments in life. Makes me feel that it's ok to have fun everyday. Life's too short to be serious all the time.


I highly recommend watching her show Miranda before attempting to read this. She writes it like she is in the show, so you can imagine her saying it all in her own unique way. But I have to say that I had a hard time getting through the first few chapters.


Because I love her I'm going to have to create a new shelf here in my virtual library. I think I'll call it "Second Chances" and it will be home to books that just didn't grab my full attention. Books that I want to try and read again later on down the road. I think I'll try to get this one in audiobook format and see if that does the trick.


I feel a bit bad about not making it through this book. I think I have a bit of book OCD. When I start one no matter how bad it is I just HAVE to finish it. But I have learned something from Miranda, life is too short to trudge through unhappily. Sometimes you just have to put the book down and gallop on to another.


I'll leave you dear reader with some clips from the show.