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My library love affair

The adventures of a geeky girl and her love of books. Yes I smell them, and they smell like adventure <3 Where shall we go today?

A girl can never have too many accessories...

As a book reader I have to admit that my favorite accessories aren't shoes, purses or jewelry. I go for bookmarks. I love every size, shape, and color and just can't resist those little scraps of whimsy holding my page. I have noticed something recently that has made me sad... with the rise of e-readers the bookmark has been harder to find (at least in my small town.)


As I was browsing through my local Target store I had a brainstorm. Now this might be something most of you have thought of already and for those of you that have I apologize for wasting your time and redirect your attention to this adorable cat. I do love library cats <3



Ok so back to the story. I was browsing through Target and came across the scrapbook section. I've never been one interested in scrapbooking. I'd rather spend my spare time reading or browsing the library but the designs, embellishments and papers always draw my attention.


Among the colorful goodies were some beautiful tags, they were longer then normal and more like bookmarks then gift tags and of course that's when it hit me. Scrapbook tags, with all the lovely papers and embellishments could make some amazing bookmarks! Add some ribbon and tada! So simple to put together and I'd never have to worry that my local stores just don't carry bookmarks any more.


So I got home and browsed the internet for some ideas. You could use papers and die cuts with a ribbon and get something like this:



Purchase pre-printed tags in any style you like




or pick out a simple colored tag and choose stamps to add the details.


There are so many possibilities and with the rise of scrapbooking my local stores always have supplies. I think I might have discovered a new hobby.