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Miss Daisy Is Crazy! (My Weird School Series #1)

Miss Daisy Is Crazy! - Dan Gutman, Jim Paillot

I recently read this to my three kids, ages 7, 9 and 11 and it was enjoyed by all! It can be so hard to find a book that can span those multiple age ranges. For us it has to be light enough that the younger ones enjoy it and can understand it but with enough spunk and funny characters that the older kids can relate.



There were some moments where the kids laughed out loud and they were giggling off and on throughout. Two of them are reluctant readers so this silly book got them interested in the series. Along with that they loved the illustrations.


Possible cons:

It's not a serious book and you won't find kids learning as they read. Go into it expecting a light read from a child's point of view.

There are words that some parents or teachers might not be comfortable with, for example dumb, stupid and idiot are used in the book. This didn't bother me or my children because they know when that language is appropriate to use and as it was written from a child's point of view it felt natural for them to say it. What child hasn't gotten upset and called something stupid at one time or another.


All in all I can definitely say we will be reading more from the series. Our two reluctant readers have already asked if they can check them out from the library on our next trip so I'd say it's a winner.


Teachers and parents interested in getting more involved in the series head over to the author's website for activities and a downloadable teachers guide.

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